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Conference Presentations

Conferences: Text

Rethinking the Discourse on Violence and Religious Identity

United States Institute for Peace RESOLVE Conference

2016 - Washington D.C.

Conferences: Video

Not Just at Home or In The Grave: (Mis)Understanding Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

International Studies Association Annual Convention

2019 - Toronto

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Involving Radical Groups in a Change Process

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland: The Second Conference on Non-Formal Dialogue Processes and National Dialogues

2015 - Helsinki

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Policy Dialogue on Online Radicalization

Club de Madrid: Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

2015 - Madrid

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Everyday Indicators: A New Method for Evaluating Impact

Hedayah International CVE Research Conference

2016 - Jakarta

Conferences: Welcome

Representative for the RESOLVE network

CVE Working Group of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF)

2016 - Abu Dhabi

Conferences: Welcome

The Challenges of Implementing Programs in Conflict Environments

Hedayah Centre of Excellence Global CVE Expo

2014 - Abu Dhabi

Conferences: Welcome
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