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Classes I have taught or assisted

The Graduate Institute, Geneva

*All classes here were graduate level, both M.A. and Ph.D.

(2020) IRPS 002 - Doctoral Seminar (with Prof. Keith Krause)

(2020) IRPS 080 - Critical Security Studies (with Prof. Keith Krause)

(2020) IRPS 047 - International Political Economy (with Prof. Sungmin Rho)

(2020) IRPS 109 - Quantifying the International (with Dr. Monique Beerli)

(2019) IRPS 046 - Comparative Politics (with Prof. Melanie Kolbe)

(2019) IRPS 013 - Civil War and Genocide in Rwanda (with Prof. Ravi Bhavnani)

(2019) IRPS 100 - Conflict in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa (with Prof. Eric Degila)

(2019) IRPS 058 - Global Partnerships (with Prof. Moira Faul)

(2018) IRPS 098 - Designing and Conducting Field Research (with Prof. David Backer)

(2018) IRPS 036 - Theories and Theorists of IR (with Prof. Elisabeth Prügl)

Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education, Kabul

(2016)  Introduction to Survey Methodology (undergraduate)

Université de Paris XIII Sorbonne Paris Cité, France

(2013) Research Methods (graduate)

​Université de Paris 6 – Pierre et Marie Curie, France
(2012)  English for STEM (graduate)

American University in Cairo, Egypt
(2007) English (Student Action for Refugees Program, non-degree)

Classes I am interested in teaching

Introduction to International Relations

Comparative Politics

Qualitative Methods

Designing & Conducting Field Research

Development and Conflict

Theory and Practice of Rebel Governance 

Intervention in Civil War

Research and Inquiry in Conflict Resolution

Teaching: Welcome
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