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Over the past decade, scholars have increasingly explored the characteristics, causes, and consequences of governance by non-state armed groups, uncovering a new field of international relations. During this same timeframe, Islamist rebel groups have initiated or expanded governance projects across territories in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, providing a wealth of new empirics. Thus far, however, much of the analysis of Islamist rebel groups has been undertaken by think tanks and NGOs, receiving limited focus in the academic literature on rebel governance.

On October 8th and 9th, 2020 the Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding will host a research workshop that aims to bridge the divide between these two audiences to explore the nature, institutions, and dynamics specific to Islamist rebel governance. Academics and practitioners will present 15 papers covering both thematic topics and specific case studies on Islamist rebel groups.


The workshop will take place over two days, from the afternoon of the 8th of October to the morning of the 9th. All panels are listed in Central European Time. Each panel will consist of three speakers who will present their papers. Each paper is followed by comments from an assigned discussant, followed by an open Q&A for all attendees. You can attend the entire event, or simply for individual panels.

Registration is mandatory, you can register by clicking RSVP above. 

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